Six things to do in the Nafpaktos region of Greece.


No I hadn’t heard of Nafpaktos either! ……..but so glad that I have now.

Just over a two and half hour easy drive from the mighty Athens this coastal region on the Gulf of Corinth boasts history and quiet fishing villages topped off with sunshine and glorious creamy feta cheese.

We stayed at  Nafpaktos Villa which was  a twenty minute drive from the main town of Nafpaktos and close to a raft of fishing villages waiting for us to explore and dip our toes into the water.

  1. Nafpaktos has a small harbour and you can treat yourself to breakfast at one of the many out door cafes if you have climbed up to see the castle. The views from the castle reach across the town and over to the Rio Antirrio Bridge which we had crossed on our journey from Athens.
  2. There is a long beach and promenade and a town of shops and cafes running parallel to the beach. There are several large supermarkets on the outskirts of the town which we used to stock the nightly BBQ.
  3. Each village which we visited had something different about it. The one that we liked to swim from was Paralia Sergoylas, it had a small stony beach typical of the area and the still clear water of the Gulf. ….but the icing on the cake for me was the white church with blue roof tucked out of the way over the bridge on the road towards yet another beautiful village.B05C989D-7F10-43AF-A023-33091A15B298
  4. Skaloma will remain our favourite as it was the closest one to our villa. As the roadway drops down to the village the first obvious building is a tiny church and you get a stunning view of the bay with its wooden pontoon. Plenty of cafes line the beach pathway and from here there is a pleasant walk to Marathias.
  5. Marathias becomes quite lively in the evenings and I know our villa owner liked to eat there…. we did too as the sunsets were particularly special with a glass of the local cheap wine. Marathias has a large harbour compared to its sister villages and if early enough you get to see fishermen sorting their catch or mending nets. There are several other villages on that same piece of coast which offer cafes, coastal walks and a swim.
  6. For something a little different we visited the abandoned village of Pirgos high in the hills north of Marathias. It goes without saying the views of the Gulf were spectacular. We saw hawks gliding and a couple of lone shepherds managing their flocks. What is left of the village is a church, school house and a few tumbledown cottages. We were extremely lucky  to visit at the same time as the care taker and he proudly showed us in the school house and church.

Yes there are other more ‘well known’ places to visit such as Delphi but that meant leaving the peaceful existence of ‘our area’ and we didn’t want that bubble to burst.


2 thoughts on “Six things to do in the Nafpaktos region of Greece.

  1. How wonderful to be able to discover a couple of lovely little towns away from the massive city of Athens. I think you really get to discover a country properly when you go to places like Nafpaktos.

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