The mainly ups and downs of flying Air China economy.

Shenyang4C988605-5670-4779-BE87-5494C8424E37.jpegOk so the GT likes to fly with comfort but sometimes needs must and recently I found myself on a return economy flight from London to

The seats were fairly roomy but then the GT has short legs so I’m probably not the best person to comment on this. In addition there was plenty of space under the seat in front which suits me just fine as I like to have my hold bag to hand to easily access IPad, phone, book, pen etc and being short using the overhead locker is a mission. However I found the lockers to be particularly high and this makes getting larger pieces of luggage down dangerous as shorter people need to swing the bag and it can be a very close call to other traveller’s  heads…I know I have been on the receiving end of one of these!

I digress… there was also a footrest which I could reach, a pillow and a blanket to make long haul and sleep a possible combination.

Back of the seat entertainment available………but I don’t tend to use this facility so again can not fairly judge on quality.

Only soft drinks available pre dinner and only half a paper cup of wine during the service. No coffee available after!

However the food was good I chose a beef stew with a buttery herb mash which was excellent. The food service was provided not long after takeoff.

Our flight to Shenyang included a stop in Beijing, flight was delayed for some hours both outbound and inbound and there was very little information available as to why and for how long.

However you might ask if this is a luxury travel blog why am I including this post…….there is luxury in everything….my return flight from Beijing had the seat next to me free so I had plenty of space and it turned out to be a very comfortable flight… thank you Air China.

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