Walking from Skaloma to Marathias


The only sound for much of the time was the gentle lapping of the Gulf of Corinth sea lapping at the grey pebbles as we walked from Skaloma to Marathias.

Our walk was early morning as despite it being September the temperature in the Nafpaktos region of Greece is still high.

It’s a gentle walk on a pathway following the coastline, starting with easy parking in Skaloma. 

Skaloma is a quiet village with a handful of friendly cafes and bars with few visitors at the end of the season. Locals swim or take coffee.

As you are walking you will see an occasional fishing boat, large well kept villas and maybe a dog walker until you get to Marathias which is a fishing town. It took us about 40 minutes.

A small harbour with  fishing nets on the harbour side, many cafes and restaurants and if you are lucky you will hear the jingle of the visiting vegetable truck stopping to serve the locals.

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