The Acropolis Museum

IMG_6021‘Can’t believe it’s only ten euros’ said the American behind me in the short queue and yes at just ten euros good value for money for entrance into the Acropolis Museum and an air-conditioned break from the 32C Athen’s heat.

Not to be confused with the entrance to climb the fairly steep rock to reach the Parthenon the museum is a relatively new addition to the raft of Greek historical attractions in Athens.  Artefacts are spread round a spacious light filled building at the foot of the hill.

IMG_4404The artefacts are those discovered when the area was being excavated for building works within the city. The ‘basement’ area shows what is left of the ‘outline’ of some the village including the latrines and bath house. The artefacts are described in both Greek and English and despite my lack of historical knowledge found the displays both fascinating and incredible…incredible that these items were so cleverly manufactured with hand tools and hard work.

There are plenty of toilets, a restaurant and great views across the city and up towards the Parthenon. Visitors are asked to refrain from taking photographs hence I do not have any pictures of what is inside the museum …..all the more reason for taking a look yourself.


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