Pirgos an abandoned Greek village.

IMG_6265 2The shepherd on the side of the steep road with his crook and his sheep waved whilst holding his mobile to his ear…..shepherding in the 21st century is probably not as remote as it used to be!  However on this lonely road to Pirgos this was the only sign of life! Infact even the river had dried up as the autumn rains hadn’t started. Olive trees, the occasional lemon tree and scrub cling to the hillside and shepherds make their living here.

IMG_6596About fifteen minutes from the main Nafpaktos coastal road and north of the pretty fishing village of Marathias we found Pirgos. The first piece of evidence that we had found the abandoned village was a church and a beautiful view down to the Gulf of Corinth. We felt there had to be more so continued on the bendy road north and were not disappointed when we discovered another church, a few houses and a school.

A gentleman …… perhaps the visiting care taker invited us to look round the old school and the beautiful church…….. it was only by chance that we were visiting at the same time as him and  despite my limited Greek vocabulary I could clearly see how proud and welcoming he was.

The tiny church was richly decorated inside with bright colours but I wonder who worships there now? Apparently all the previous residents have moved down to Marathias.

So glad we visited as the views were amazing and we got to see a lone hawk coasting the thermals and the fact we were there at the time of the caretaker was clearly the olive on the bread!

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