5 Tips when visiting the Nafpaktos region in Greece in September

  1. IMG_2244.JPGThe weather in September is beginning to cool, the temperature is still in the early thirties in the middle of the day for sun worshippers but September gives you the best of both worlds, cool mornings to explore and hot afternoons for relaxing. If you explore at 9am, this gives you a chance to see the shops in Nafpaktos town or walk along the promenades in the fishing villages. You might be lucky enough to see an early morning fishing haul being sorted on the harbourside.
  2. Nafpaktos town is a busy thriving community but the local fishing villages are much quieter. Some bars and restaurants will begin to close down for the winter season towards the mid or end of September but there is still plenty of choices for visitors. Unless staying in Nafpaktos Town you will need to hire a car.
  3. Greek people tend to eat late so many resaturants do not open until 8pm for the dinner service.
  4. Food portions are large, take care you do not over order. I found the the cost of a meal to be very reasonable at less than £20 a head to include a starter, main course and several glasses of local wine, coffee was usually £2 or less. Greek coffee tends to be very strong so if you prefer something more mellow order an Americano.
  5. Rivers are dry so do not expect to see water running!

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