Eight Things to do in Shenyang

  1. IMG_0617.JPGLiaoning Palaeontology Museum in the grounds of Shenyang Normal University, close to a shopping centre and the metro yellow line. Allow an hour unless this is a particular interest. Love the shape of this ultra modern building.
  2. Science and Technology museum in the Hunnan district of the city. Something for everyone, a modern hands on interactive museum which you could spend several hours in.
  3. Shopping as there are many shiny shopping malls.
  4. Beiling Park  to escape the intensity and noise of the city.
  5. Eat a Chinese banquet and try local dumplings and duck…… or even squirrel fish!
  6. Shenyang Wild Forest Zoological Park to see pandas.
  7. Marshall Zhang’s Mansion which is within walking distance to ….
  8. Imperial Museum, both in the centre of the city and give a glimpse of old Shenyang.




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