St Ann’s Hill Cemetery, Gosport

img_5829I didn’t travel far for this post! … fact just to my nearest town (Gosport) where I visited the old part of the Municipal Cemetery, never been there before but I was quite taken by it. It’s overgrown, the gravestones are hard to read and some are subsiding. There are blackberry bushes, spider’s webs and of course spiders but despite that it was pleasure to walk round, peaceful and quiet and perhaps a little atmospheric. I took some photos of a few graves which took my fancy and I even came home and researched one of the burials. Mary Murch Mumby intrigued me as the name Mumby has some significance with the town as one of the major roads is Mumby. I discovered that Mary was a widow of Charles a gent who worked in the pharmaceutical industry and also manufactured soda. He died at Waterloo station. Mary lived in a wealthy part of town and one of her sons became a doctor whilst another joined the army. Her grave is overgrown but her name lives on in Gosport. Here are a few of my favourite photos.

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