Reading Museum

IMG_1522A rainy day in a new town and this time it was Reading, Berkshire. The museum beckoned and as entrance was free and a special Ladybird exhibition advertised it seemed too good to be true.

Located in the Abbey Quarter close to the railway station and part of the red brick town hall the museum displayed a range of artefacts with something I’m sure of interest to most people.

I learned that Reading was once known as ‘Biscuit Town” although I did know there was a large Huntley and Palmer factory there. As a consequence there was a display of its brightly coloured biscuit tins, advertisement plaques and a history of the company.

The Ladybird illustrations is a temporary exhibit but probably of particular interest to people of a certain age and those enjoying the resurgence of Ladybird on greetings cards and the recent more humorous book offerings.

The ground floor opens up with a display of Indian features and how India links not only to Reading but other significant towns such as Brighton. Staff are on hand to answer questions.

Perhaps the greatest surprise was Britain’s Bayeux Tapestry on the second floor…… I won’t spoil it by describing it but its worth a look and was very popular with visitors on the day I went. I haven’t listed everything but there are stuffed animals, mosaics, china and other local artefacts.

There is a small souvenir shop and toilets.


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