Her Mother’s Secret by Rosanna Ley

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I love a Rosanna Ley book especially as the backdrop is often a real place ….I haven’t visited Belle Ile en Mer where it is mainly set but the descriptions of the coastline are drawing me to Brittany.

The story brings an estranged mother and daughter back together. It’s been fifteen years and Colette returns to the island as her mother Thea is dying. Colette finds herself working in her mother’s flower shop and  also finds herself looking for clues about her mother’s past…….does it have anything to do with the young man in an old photograph?

Thea was originally from Cornwall and that is where Colette escaped to as a young adult keen to get away from her mother and the island.  Thea had done the opposite journey many years before when she had been keen to leave Cornwall and start a new life as a nanny for a family living in Brittany.

Thea had been forced to leave the family and whilst the girl she looked after and Colette are trying to find out why they find their own destinies entangled. What is the key to Her Mother’s Secret? Published by Quercus.

Footnote, the cover is as inviting as the story …..it demands you walk along that coast to the lighthouse….I wonder if Rosanna did?

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