Old Town Square, Prague


Prague‘s Old Town Square is the hub of the city surrounded by many buildings which are  all worth a closer look. Pastel colours mingle well with the terracotta roofs probably best seen on the observation area from the town hall.

Street performers with cracking whips, large pandas and silver statues all seem to blend well with the swathes of walking groups criss crossing the square. The square is also a ‘terminal’ for for the tourist horse and carriage rides.

Plenty of cafes and bars selling reasonably priced drinks and food all offer pleasing outside seated areas, which makes people watching easy.

Top spots not to miss include of course the town hall and its clock which puts on its own unique performance on the hour, every hour. Crowds gather underneath and wedding parties pose for photographs.

There is also the welcoming St Nicholas Church wedged in a corner with its cream and gold decor and display of its history in both Czech and English.

In direct contrast to its historical neighbours the Goap Gallery is currently offering an exhibition of Warhol , Dali and Mucha.

This is the area which most tourists make a beeline to and at different times of the day it offers a different vibe but what remains the same is the visitors …… there are many of them!

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