Mary Quant exhibition at the V & A


Mary Quant……synonymous  with the sixties , with London and with that sharp hair cut. She of the mini dress and wet look macs.

The exhibition was cleverly curated in a series of shop windows. A huge amount of exhibits and plenty of easy to read information boards. Writing was large enough for the middle aged ladies that were visiting and surprise surprise this was the age group most interested in the exhibition (I did also spy some very young art or fashion students) but the audience was dominated by ladies of a certain age……and so we learned of her first shop, her husband, the Ginger group and the contribution she gave to the independent women of that time. Women were finally beginning to be treated equally, be educated and receive a wage packet, they needed something to spend it on and Mary’s clothes exuded independence and  uniqueness.

For me the clothes were reminiscent of my childhood,  London was a foreign country when you lived in the sticks. Low waisted dresses, sparkly tights and PVC bags were on show, Oh I didn’t get to wear Quant clothing but I did enjoy walking back through time at the V & A.

How come it took a special exhibition to get me to the V&A? I have been to many of the major London museums but had never made it to the grand Victoria and Albert in Kensington that is until recently when the Mary Quant exhibition drew me.

We enjoyed a two for one ticket having travelled by train and were able to get the next available time slot on a week day visit buying the tickets at the desk on the day.

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