Prague Transport

img_9324Arriving on a late evening EasyJet  flight the arrival at Prague airport was efficient and seamless. Being a popular weekend or midweek destination from the UK means that many travellers choose to take just carry on luggage ….therefore very few suitcases were making their way round the carousel which meant that baggage reclaim was quick.

Pre trip research meant we knew we could purchase a combined metro/bus ticket with either a bank card or coins for a designated time period…..we chose ninety minutes which gave us more than enough time for the less than an hour trip into central Prague. Conveniently there was a machine right by the baggage reclaim area with English instructions.

Right outside the terminal we found bus 100 to take us to the start of the metro B line (Zelchin) which is signified by a yellow line on the map which would take us East to Republicky  station close to the Powder Gate.

You must validate your ticket with a separate machine as you enter the bus or metro station which ever comes first on your journey. The transport the Grey Traveller used was both clean and efficient, frequent and cheap.

My ticket to ride was just over £1 from airport to centre. 

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