Plaza De Mayo, Buenos Aires

img_4505Plaza de Mayo is a grand open square in the centre of Buenos Aires , its edged with famous buildings not least Casa Rosada with its iconic balcony the scene of many Eva Peron speeches. Most of the buildings are white so there is no missing this.

img_4481Casa Rosada no doubt named because of its unusual pink colour, it is broad and ornate and many tourists stand and stare up at its intricate statues  and decorations and  perhaps think about Eva and her uplifting speeches more than half a century ago.

The centre of the square is open and green where locals rest in their lunch breaks and people watch the many tourists leaving the Casa Rosada area. Whilst edging the square are museums and the cathedral making this a tourist hotspot.

From here you can walk the  wide Avenue to Mayo and refresh at the Cafe Tortoni or walk to Plaza Dorrego and browse the antique shops.

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