South America in two weeks. BA – Iguacu – Rio – the tips

img_5079There is never enough time or money to spend when travelling and my visit to South America was no exception. With just two weeks and the desire to see Rio and Iguacu Falls at the very least I found my plans forming to fly into Buenos Aires and returning via Rio ….this is how the Grey Traveller did it.

I took a night time  British Airways flight from Heathrow to Buenos Aires meaning that I arrived in BA at the start of the day. Using a taxi to reach Poetry Building  we were lucky enough to be able to check in early and enjoy four full days. My pre trip research suggested Recoleta  district as a safe area and I was not disappointed.

In four days you can see most of BA, I would have liked more time but as BA is a gateway city to South America I’m sure I will be returning.

From there I took a LATAM flight to Iguacu on the Argentine side which is much cheaper than hopping over the border to Iguacu on the Brazilian side. I was met by a taxi to cross the border and drive toBelmond- Hotel das Cataratas an upscale hotel with fantastic views of the falls and the only hotel within the national park. With three nights here there was enough time to spend a day exploring the Brazilian side and a day exploring the Argentine side with some chillaxing thrown in.

Last hop was a LATAM flight from the Brazilian Iguacu airport which took me to Rio. There I spent five days walking IpanemaCopacabana Beach and seeing the sights. I stayed at the Copacabana Palace which is a central location and used taxis to get to attractions.

Flew back on a night time flight to Heathrow therefore gaining that last important day.


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