Buenos Aires in four days.

img_4232You can see Buenos Aires in four days although this city deserves much more time. Often used as a gateway to South America …….. Buenos Aires has much to offer. Here is my suggestion for a four day itinerary.

Day One – Recoleta is an upscale district which The Grey Traveller chose to make as a base staying at the  Poetry Building. A shopping mall, Plaza Francis, the very modern Floralis Generica Sculpture, the wonderfully evocative cemetery and pavement cafes such as La Biela offers the first time visitor a safe and perfect first time glimpse of Argentina.

img_4357Day Two and get ready for a complete contrast and visit Caminito, La Boca……..It’s a little more rough around the edges and our concierge suggested a taxi ride to this colourful district. Well worth a visit to see street tango , an abundance of pavement cafes, crazy larger than life statues and Buenos Aires art at its best. It leads down to a harbour area and a tourist information van.

Day three and Plaza de Mayo – an opportunity to walk the grand Avenue de Mayo, see the government buildings, visit Cafe Tortoni and see the Casa Rosada and imagine what it must have been like standing in the crowds under that iconic balcony listening to Eva Peron. 

Day Four and a day of downtown and parkland in the San Martin district. The park area is popular with joggers and dog walkers and in fact dogs get their own exercise area. The park over looks the Falkland monument and the tower given by expats in the early part of the last century.

The Military Museum is a small attraction offering a brief history of Argentina and its involvement in conflict and defence over the years and the interesting building opposite with its French style turrets is now the HQ for Argentina’s park areas. 

Walking south you will hit the Ave de Florida and the Galeries Pacifico even if shopping is not your thing the mall is worth a visit just to see its architecture  and pretty domed ceilings.

I didn’t have time to do it all and there are definitely more days to fill with side trips along the river……maybe next time.

5 thoughts on “Buenos Aires in four days.

  1. Buenos Aires looks fascinating, what a great trip. Never really thought about visiting as its so far away and always wondered how safe it was. May have to rethink that now.

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