Locks on Charles Bridge, Prague



……..How many people carry a spare lock about their person???? ……….just in case they want to padlock it to a bridge? I’m intrigued by this relatively new phenomena. Charles Bridge in Prague is not an exception to this trend but where and why did this first happen in the world?

5 thoughts on “Locks on Charles Bridge, Prague

  1. I think it started in France.They are “love locks” which couples get specially engraved with the sole puprpose of locking them onto chosen bridge and throwing the key in the water. They have become a huge weight problem for a number of bridges around the world, with authorities removing locks and banning further lockings.

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  2. You see them everywhere now. We were in Liverpool last week and the Albert Dock has thousands of them everywhere. Always wondered like you who wanders around with a spare padlock in their pocket ‘just in case’.

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