Exbury Gardens – Hampshire.,

June has to be England’s ‘best month’ for showcasing gardens at their best and Exbury did not disappoint. We chose the gardens and steam train combo ticket at just over £15 and waited for the first train to take us round a twenty minute loop which can not be otherwise walked. The guard hopped off at one point to tell us a little about what we had seen…. in particular the rock garden was one of the reasons that a steam train was brought to Exbury. Leo one of the founder’s sons loved steam trains and had enjoyed train journeys around the world so when a train was brought in to haul the rocks for the rock garden he was pleased that it could stay! Oh and the rocks were from Wales.

We walked to the furthest most point which is the river walk overlooking Beaulieu River and then made our way back exploring the Azalea walk, the Sundial Garden, the ponds and much more. We stood in awe looking up at the gold brick Exbury House…. what a place to live, utterly gorgeous!

We ate at Eddy’s restaurant which is by the entrance, it’s large and airy with an outside seating area. There are toilets throughout the gardens and the signs are easy to follow. We spent three hours walking.

Exbury is located in Hampshire, close to the New Forest and in particular Beaulieu.

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      1. You’re right though. If it’s too hot you just have to find shade and rest up. We’re not built for high temperatures here, especially when sightseeing.

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