I’m always intrigued by coincidence ….until a month ago I didn’t know much about saffron only that it comes from the crocus flower……. but I read The Saffron Trail by Rosanna Ley which told me a lot about the Cornish saffron industry on the Roseland  Peninsula.

A couple of weeks later looking for something different to cook I came across a recipe called Preserved Lemon Chicken from Good Housekeeping and it required a pinch of saffron…suffice to say it was duly enjoyed and I pledged to find more uses for it. It is after all a luxury item and quite expensive per pinch.

I then found myself flicking through an old copy of Countryfile Magazine and found a recipe for Saffron Barley Risotto and an article about Brian Eyers a modern day saffron farmer on Rosaland and supplier to Tarquin Gin and upscale restaurants which caught my eye. I had enjoyed a Tarquin Gin or few on last year’s visit to Padstow.

So there’s my coincidences ………..

Postscript I hadn’t read Countryfile magazine previously but now a fan….great inspiration for staycation travel.


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