So Much Life Left over by Louis de Bernieres

img_9195It was the long avenue of palm trees on the cover of De Bernieres’ book that attracted me to hit the ‘listen’ button on my audiobook account. I recognised it as the Royal Botanic Garden, Peradeniya near Kandy, Sri Lanka.

The story is set between the wars starting in Ceylon with references to the  Tea Industry, British Garrison Cemetery and the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

The story focusses on a very British couple Rosie and Daniel who are at odds with one another. Eventually they return to the UK living it seems very separate lives with Daniel chasing love elsewhere and supporting another family. It’s a time when morals are very different to now and a time when people who were not happy with their lot had to hide their secret lives or put up with what life had thrown at them.  Despite all this I felt sorry for Daniel and wanted to shout out loud on his behalf. I always enjoy a book that reminds me of my travels and So Much Life Left Over was no exception.

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