Do you buy souvenirs?

……………… ……………….only sometimes, if perhaps some small trinket catches my eye, is especially appealing or is likely to evoke a special memory. It has to be small as I’m unlikely to have much if any luggage space.

I did buy a colourful mug in  Buenos Aires as the colours were bright and the mugs did not appear mass produced…………..and I liked it. It was at a craft market by Recoleta Cemetery

He who likes to think he is obeyed was taken with a tiny lacquered pot in Myanmar because we had seen the processing in the factory and we could appreciate the amount of work needed to produce just a small item. Our guide Khin Nyein Thu  had taken us there and showed us all the different processes that an item has to go through before ready for sale.

Overall I’m not a souvenir girl as I feel my photos are the souvenirs of a trip but sometimes I break my own rules and I justify it by saying it’s good to support local business. Do you buy souvenirs?

5 thoughts on “Do you buy souvenirs?

  1. Nope never buy souvenirs as we would need to carry them all the time and just don’t have the space. Like you our photos and our blog posts are all we need to take away with us.

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