Copacabana Beach;Rio

img_5114You can not go to Rio without visiting the iconic wide strip of sand that is Copacabana Beach. You can not visit Copacabana Beach without humming …..her name was Lola, she was showgirl …or at least I couldn’t! Yes Copacabana with its crashing waves, surfers, swimmers, footballers, beach venders and beach bars. It has to be seen to be believed.

Walking its length, relaxing on a sun bed or even braving the waves has to be done. You sit long enough you will see life in all its glory from people wearing thongs who really shouldn’t be, vendors carrying trayfuls of caipirinhas and laughing musicians looking for tips.

The best view has to be from Sugarloaf mountain, it’s worth the aerial tram trip just to look down on that glorious golden sweep……..still singing ………with feathers in her hair.

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