Flying to Iguacu Falls

img_4719There are two airports which serve Iguacu (Iguazu Iguassu) Falls one on the Argentina side (IGR) and one on the Brazil side (IGU). When researching my South America trip my itinerary was Buenos Aires – Iguacu – Rio so I found the most cost effective way was to fly from BA to the Argentine airport using LATAM and as I was staying at  Belmond – Hotel das Cataratas in the Brazil National Park I then arranged a taxi collection and eventually flew out of the Brazil airport again using LATAM.

Both airports are small and I can only comment on the arrivals at IGR and the departures at IGU.

It was a quick and seamless transition from landing to greeting our Belmond driver.

IGU only has four or five gates and on a busy day not quite enough seating. There were many queues forming before security so check you are not queuing for the wrong thing! Despite our confusion we were helped by very friendly ground staff. Once through security there is an eating outlet and a couple of small shops.




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