Traveleyes – an organisation which pairs sighted and non sighted travellers on trips across the world. I had heard of this organisation previously but I recently watched a  BBC2 documentary  Travelling Blind and was able to get a much greater insight as to what my role as a sighted person would be.

It seems to me we all have a lot to learn….. we need to slow down and empty all our senses if we are to immerse ourselves in a new city or travel experience. We need to use our senses one at a time, smell the surroundings, hear the sounds, taste the atmosphere and feel every vibration and movement.

I watched the travelling pair get very close to bee hives (under strict supervision), they could sense the intensity and feel the vibration of thousands of bees working to make a glut of honey.

I now know for sure I would like to accompany a trip and to be the ‘eyes’ but I also know without a doubt that I will learn a lot and be able to experience a new place in a different way…..infact I know I will have already enhanced my travel experiences by adopting my own advice….slow down and smell the roses.

I pledge to travel with Traveleyes in the future…..I like what they have to offer.

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