Caminito, La Boca; Buenos Aires

img_4358I spent my first whole day in Buenos Aires in the colourful neighbourhood of Caminito. Streets of bright colours, a harbour and cobbled alleys makes this a corner of old Argentina come alive.

We were recommended by our concierge at the  Poetry Building to take a taxi directly to the area as the periphery is not so safe to explore. The taxis in Buenos Aires are cheap and efficient and I can recommend this  as a safe option when exploring the city. (Or at least I found it to be).

Crazy life size statues hang over balconies, peep round corners or welcome you into a souvenir shops. Remnants of a rail line with sleepy cats trailing the butterflies and tango dancers tying themselves in knots add to this bohemian corner. I loved it.

Sitting drinking a Malbec and watching the families meet and greet one other with tango dancers silkily moving on the pavements and in bar doorways is the way to spend a Sunday afternoon before jumping in a taxi to explore the market stalls of the Plaza Dorrego area.

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