Recoleta Cemetery; Buenos Aires

img_4277Mesmerising is the best word I can use to describe this ‘attraction’ in Buenos Aires. Resting place of some of Argentina’s rich and aristocratic (including the Duarte family of Eva Peron) have been laid to rest here. The city has grown up around this area and now condo blocks and a shopping mall have unique views in this walled area of above ground morgues each one fancier than the next.

Some of the tombs have dusty glass doors where tourists gawp to see the stacked coffins on shelves. Many are shiny marble, some black, some grey and others white. Domes, figurines and crosses lear out of the rows of mausoleums and one even had oranges tumbling over its balustrades.

I  was fascinated; call it morbid curiosity but I made time to visit twice in my four days in the neighbourhood and yes I would visit again if Buenos Aires crosses my path another time.

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