Business Class Breakfast with British Airways

A long flight from London Heathrow to Ezeiza Airport, Buenos Aires gave breakfast in bed a whole new meaning.

Two hours before touchdown I was served one of the best airline breakfasts I’ve experienced  in a long time…..all this whilst enjoying the flat bed luxury of business class sleeping when flying overnight.

The choice is yours, just after take off you are asked to complete a breakfast request, at an hour and a half before touchdown you can have a full breakfast, at fifty minutes just a drink of your choice or alternatively choose to be undisturbed.

I chose the fruit/croissant/pastries/muesli with steaming black coffee and smoothie option with a full English….British Airways you did me proud! The table is laid with a crisp white table cloth, cutlery and napkin provided with all elements of the breakfast served neatly and not cramped in any way.

I arrived in Buenos Aires early morning, fresh, full and ready to explore.


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