First impressions of Buenos Aires

05184FB1-D0A7-4822-ACDB-BC40E38A0F7AHaving only been in BA for just over a day I can say that I’m in love…. what a great city. My first impressions is that the city has a lot of greenways and parkland from the outskirts by EZE airport to the central areas. It’s clean, the streets are wide and it feels like you have space in which to rub shoulders with the Portenos. The people are friendly, taxis are cheap compared to London standards and despite not speaking Spanish we are getting by!

Many older buildings have a French feel and it’s worth staring up to the sky to really appreciate them. Pizza seems popular as every third cyclist is a delivery boy with a square box on his back. Unlike many cities I’m not hearing honking horns!

Plenty of detailed posts about BA to follow.


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