Ten reasons why I’m taking my Mia Tui Mini Jen Travel Bag to Buenos Aires.


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Can not wait for my next trip and this time it’s to Buenos Aires …. first time to South America and first time that I get a chance to take my Mia Tui Mini Jen bag overseas. Here is why it’s my number one accessory!

It matches my mustard  Maya MiaTui backpack and contrasts well with my silver suitcase.

  1. I chose the Mini Jen as it suits my lack of height….there is a larger Jen for the taller girls.
  2. It has a unique flap to secure the bag over suitcase handles, ideal when marching across an airport concourse.
  3. The flap has a pocket so ideal for passports and it’s easy to access without opening the main section of the bag.
  4. Made from a soft faux leather in numerous colours, I chose mustard. It has a shoulder strap which is detachable and handles for carrying across your arm.

    Several pockets inside main section, including a secure area for bottled water

  5. A clip to secure a purse.
  6. Plenty of space to include a book, camera, phone, bloggers notepad and iPad and all those other essentials for carry on.
  7. The Mini Jen also include a see-through zipped bag suitable for small liquids, gels and makeup.
  8. The Min Jen also includes a small shoulder bag as part of the bundle.


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