Litter and travel

Much has already been said about travel and plastic packaging I can’t add anything useful about that but what I witnessed the other day takes the proverbial biscuit. Whilst driving along a motorway a passenger threw a plastic bag out of the window. The wind blew the bag like a balloon 🎈 and it was clear to me […]

The Next Whisky Bar at the Watergate Hotel

Featuring a swirl of floor to ceiling whisky bottles – the the Next Whisky Bar is close to the foyer of this famous hotel in  DC. I would hate to be that person that toppled them over, but this unique ‘art installation’ creates a wall dividing the bar from the foyer…I liked it. Soft red cushiony chairs overlooking […]

Georgetown, Washington – a photoblog

Georgetown is just a hop, skip and a jump from central DC.  Staying in Foggy Bottom  at Hotel Hive meant just a twenty minute walk to the waterfront via The Watergate Hotel. Georgetown is a picturesque historic district with cute painted wooden houses which were  particularly special in Olive Street. The main street offered upscale shops and at Christmas time […]

National Geographic Museum – DC

  Where is it? Downtown DC on 17th Street NW. Why visit? A mix of interactive exhibits, displays and of course the famous magazine covers.  What does it cost? $15 Who would enjoy the experience? Geographers, travellers, conservationists, people interested in the world, religion, history and the sea. As a  I could not leave DC without a […]