Coal Drops Yard, London

img_8137A little bit of decadence never hurt anyone not least  The Grey Traveller.  Sipping a cappuccino in the Granary Square I was thinking just that. An upscale brasserie in an upscale shopping area right on Regent’s Canal. I had walked from Limehouse and on my way to Paddington when Coal Drops Yard loomed into sight.

Very new and very welcome and very much on the return list for The Grey Traveller to try a cocktail or three when next in town.

The shop spaces are filling up and the canal side living is just wow…..making use of the old gas fittings the new apartments look fabulous and I would definitely like to see inside. Loved the outdoor seating called Spun by Heatherwick Studios …..such fun! Note to self go for a spin pre cocktail drinking.

Pulled up by the steps to the yard  was Word on the Water a barge full of books for sale, such a nice surprise.

Looking forward to seeing what else arrives in the next few weeks.

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