Southwick, Hampshire:a photoblog

How sad to read of deaths in the closing days of WW1, but this is what I read in the tiny church of St James on one of the memorials. A church open to visitors of this superb, well maintained village. It being a village of the red door and red shutters kind. Landlord Greg of the Golden Lion  told us that they still have a village squire so all who want to live or work there have to apply to the squire accordingly. Have to say Greg was the most welcoming of landlords that I have come across in years.

Southwark is important historically as it features significantly in Operation Overlord as we learned from the plaque on the exterior of the pub…..and this year there are plans for some fabulous events marking its involvement in WW2. The Golden Lion was the venue for some important discussions during the last war between Montgomery and Eisenhower.

I will return for more explore if only to taste another of the Golden Lion’s fabulous burgers and house white!

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