The BA Business Class Lounge at Dulles International Airport

32D867D5-42E8-49C2-A6F0-52CED0C5CADD.jpegIt  was quiet on New Year’s Eve at Dulles…… as we entered the lounge we were greeted by Anthony who gave us a personal tour pointing out all that the lounge had on offer ……. he left us in the kind hospitable hands of Habib who welcomed us with champagne.

A congenial host is Habib, he certainly made our visit to the bar extra special, he was friendly and gracious.

When we were ready to eat we were shown to the dining area where I had difficulty choosing from sirloin which melted in the mouth and the wonderful shepherd’s pie. There were salads and other foods to choose from but there is a limit even I have too adhere to! But I could not say no to ginger biscuit trifle and a few nibbles of cheese and biscuits …it was divine.

Staff are keen to serve even when in a post dinner slump on one of the cosy chairs, nothing was clearly too much trouble. Plenty of magazines to enjoy, a reminder to download the Press Reader App if haven’t already done so, plugs to charge technology and pristine toilet and shower areas.

One of the best BA lounges that I have experienced  and the certainly the best staff so far, thank you Washington and thank you Dulles.

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