National Geographic Museum – DC


  • Where is it? Downtown DC on 17th Street NW.
  • Why visit? A mix of interactive exhibits, displays and of course the famous magazine covers. 
  • What does it cost? $15
  • Who would enjoy the experience? Geographers, travellers, conservationists, people interested in the world, religion, history and the sea.


As a  I could not leave DC without a visit here. On entering you are given a time slot to visit the interactive Tomb of Christ exhibit which was a unique 3D journey through Jerusalem and the Church of The Holy Sepulchre. Walking through casbahs and entering the church, learning about it’s history and maintenance certainly inspired me to want to make a visit to the city. Being carefully timed it’s not overcrowded.

The Titanic exhibition covers the discovery of the sunken liner using the Argo technology….which opened up for me the story of the two missing US submarines during the ’60s. There is mention of James Cameron’s interest in this  ship specifically  and shipwrecks in general and the production of the movie.

There are personal stories of those on board of both the survivors and those that were lost on that fateful night from a mail boy to the gentry  and  the musicians still playing as she sunk. I learned plenty of new facts about this event  even though I have been to other Titanic  exhibits such as the one in Liverpool’s Maritime Museum about a year ago.

The iconic magazine covers are displayed with their  back story, details about  the photographers and journalists…….. and there will be at least one there that you recognise!

We were there for about two hours.

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