Tips for visiting Arlington Cemetery

  • Enter from the Rosslyn side
  • Select and plan your walk or if walking an issue use the tourist buses.
  • Leave via the main entrance and walk back into DC via the Arlington Memorial Bridge.


Arlington Cemetery is just over the bridge from the Lincoln Memorial in DC but by default we entered from the Rosslyn side having just visited the Observation Deck at CEB Tower in the Central Plaza. We were delighted to discover a barely non existent queue of just two other people whereas when we passed the main entrance there were clearly a hundred or so standing in a security line.

The Rosslyn entrance takes you past the JIMA Memorial and the impressive Dutch Carillon Memorial.

The cemetery is huge and we were selective about what we would look for and limited ourselves to the Kennedy grave and the women’s memorial, this takes you through areas where as far as the eye can see there are gravestones in honour of those that have served their country. Visiting at Christmastime meant that every grave had a wreath, it was an impressive if not poignant sight. General Lee’s House was closed at the time of our visit but there was a visitor centre open in the Women’s Memorial building telling us a little about the family. On a clear day the views over to DC are worth a moment or two to stop and plan your walk back into the city via the Arlington Memorial Bridge.




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