The Willard Intercontinental Hotel, Washington DC

img_7538It’s where ‘they’ all stay so The Grey Traveller had to make a visit. The Round Robin Bar was my go to destination and perched high on a stool imagined those that had drunk there before….I was in good company historically and I’m sure recently.

Being a gin girl I chose a Joe Rickey cocktail, main ingredients being Plymouth Gin, lime juice and soda, service was fast and slick and friendly. The shiny circular wooden bar offers a slew of whiskeys, a range of cocktails and tenders happy to serve.

The walls were lined with pictures and together with the menu I learned a little about past times at this iconic hotel. No I am not giving away all the Willard secrets, go see for yourself!

Being Christmas time I marvelled at the upscale festive decorations both inside and out and visited the gingerbread display which this year immortalised the airport. If I go back to DC I’ll go back to meet Joe Rickey and then some!

It’s in good company being close to The White House on Pennsylvania Avenue and the National Mall.


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