Eight reasons why I love my Maya MiaTui backpack.

As a frequent traveller having an efficient and comfortable backpack is a must. I have recently come across Mia Tui and I am in love with my Maya back pack. The Mia Tui  range is made in Vietnam and they do not use any animal products. Here are my reasons why the Maya backpack worked so well for me on my recent Washington city break.

Zipped pouches for passports and tickets.

Clip to secure purse, a must when carrying cash and cards.

Individual pouches for phone/tissues/pens/purse which makes looking for something really easy when travelling or in a queue.

The interior is made of a light coloured fabric so another feature which made handling this bag  perfect when travelling. Grey Traveller eyes need all the help they can get when the lights are low on an aeroplane.

Soft faux leather which is easy to clean, also was not damaged in the rain whilst walking.Mine is a bright mustard colour which made it easy for my partner to find me in a crowd.

Adjustable straps which means you can secure bag so it’s comfortable for you.

Large enough to hold an iPad or notebook or both!Wide enough to support a DSLR camera and lens.

As an affiliate I will earn a small commission if any one uses GreyT15 to enjoy a 15% discount. Use this code at checkout.

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