Breakers Mansion, Newport Rhode Island.

6EF7AA6E-E1C7-44D6-81C6-D16EDB13E174We only had time to do one of Newport’s magnificent mansions so we chose Breakers once home of the Vanderbilt family. These glorious houses of the gilded age line Cliff Walk and clearly Breakers is one of the most popular to visit. I was not disappointed with my choice and was pleased to receive an audio guide so that I could do the tour at my own pace.

Despite how grand a family they were apparently generations of little Vanderbilts rode their bikes in the amazingly large hall where we started the tour. There were many rooms available to see and I was pleasantly surprised at the freedom us visitors enjoyed as we wandered around. Despite the number of visitors it didn’t feel crowded as there is so much room.  I loved the dining room which looked out to the alcove where there is an indoor fountain…yes an indoor fountain how many homes have I been into that boast that….not that many!

The audio guide offered anecdotal stories about the house, for example the billiard room was decorated with dolphins in the mosaic as apparently it’s an ancient symbol of hospitality.

 I was willing to chance getting a crick  craning my neck as the ceilings are opulent, gold inlay and intricate detail on the paintings and carvings. This must have taken a lifetime to build!

It’s $24 worth spending, if you have time to visit more mansions there are ticket deals on multiple entries. The walk from the town either via the Cliff Walk or Bellevue Avenue takes in views of other mansions so you can choose your favourite holiday home for your next visit! I wish!


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