Wightlife Magazine by Wightlink

8C8F2E6A-A96D-4843-8EA5-4960CD24EE9CIf you are travelling over to the Isle of Wight pick  up Wightlink’s complimentary magazine Wightlife. You can find them on the ferries  or at the terminals. I’ve had lots of ideas of things to do and places to stay from this mag when visiting or planning a visit to the island.

Here are some of my favourite features  from the winter edition starting with a fab section on activities and experiences, I’m not sure I could manage a headstand on a paddle board but fair play to those that can……. I would love to give it a try!

I enjoyed an Island Roasted coffee on my trip from Lymington to Yarmouth and enjoyed reading the profile on Dan Burgess the brains behind the business. I haven’t made it to the Garlic Farm yet but it’s on my IOW bucket list! Not only does Wightlife feature local producers but also features the towns you can visit and  Godshill had its turn in the winter edition. Godshill is photogenic whatever the season!  Not sure I’m ever up for getting a shot of the sunrise over the Needles ….but maybe next time!

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