JFK Museum and Library at Colombia Point.

img_6754With torrential rain and a cold nor easter blowing across Massachusetts we needed to find somewhere indoors in which to kill time before flying home.

Ray at  The Old Harbor Inn  Chatham suggested the JFK Museum and Library and we will be forever grateful for this fab suggestion. Earlier in the week we had dropped into the  J F K Museum at Hyannis so we knew we were in for a treat.

Located at Colombia Point and conveniently more or less en route to Boston Airport  from the Cape this museum offers plenty of free parking and what would have been great views to the city had the weather been different.

You are advised to watch an introductory film  before wandering around the exhibits. The displays include rolling screens, TV’s and scene setting for the voting as the numbers rolled in and the USA held its collective breath waiting to see if a new dawn was rising. They would not be disappointed.

img_6755There is nothing I can not tell you that you don’t already know about JFK but as an English person growing up in this era I have always been aware of how history was changed from the time of his inauguration to his assassination. In a darkened corridor I with many others watched small screen TVs broadcast the shocking scenes from Dallas just as many Americans would have watched it in their living rooms fifty five years ago.

img_6753The exhibits also focus on Jackie and her influence to introduce the arts and culture to the White House. An accomplished woman herself she clearly wanted to make home life as normal as possible for her husband and children.

The museum is informative, educational and enjoyable as there is plenty to see and its arranged to engage all. If you want to see some of Jackie’s clothes and what homes looked like in the early sixties you won’t be disappointed. If you want a history lesson or a political insight equally you will leave a happy person. At $14 dollars entry you get your moneys worth and then some.

Yes the hairs on the back of this Grey Traveller’s neck prickled and like many others can see the world lost a great man.

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