Hancock Shaker Village, MA

A really good value visit at £$20 a ticket. There are more than twenty buildings open to the general public and plenty of displays and workshops organised by a very knowledgeable staff. They are happy to answer questions and visiting in the fall meant lots of pumpkins on display especially in the round stone barn. As well as the buildings there are farm animals and Grey Traveller was impressed with an extremely dignified pair of turkeys wandering round the grounds clearly not worried about Thanksgiving!

We saw displays of woodworking and how they generated electricity. It clearly was a well thought out organised community. If locals visited there were dedicated rooms set aside for meeting them and usually it was the elders of the community that liaised with the ‘outside world’.

I came away understanding a lot more about Shaker life as we were able to see how they lived on a day today basis whether man, woman or child, how they interacted with the local communities and how they made money in order to thrive.

If planning on visiting other attractions in the area there is a combo ticket available to save money on multiple entrance fees.

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