Eleven things I liked about Rockport, MA

  • 3F857625-606C-4A66-8D56-EF216AC8698AVery friendly people and two shout outs go to the postie delivering mail on Bearskin Neck and the lady walking by us on Beach Street who volunteered to take our photo rather than see us Grey Travellers struggle with a selfie!
  • Loved the pretty clapboard houses which line the streets as you enter the town.
  • Didn’t see any evidence of chain hotels or eating places.
  • Many independent shops.
  • Love the coastal feel of Bearskin Neck and the view over to Motif 1
  • Cormorants in the harbour.
  • The view from the headlands.
  • The walks along Front Beach and Back Beach.
  • Millbrook Meadow
  • Changing Tides B&B Especially Stephanie’s blueberry pancakes.
  • The lobster roll at Roy Moore’s Fish Shack so much so it will have it’s own dedicated post!

6 thoughts on “Eleven things I liked about Rockport, MA

    1. Yes very taken with New England and especially this town, we found eating out fairly expensive but then the pound versus dollar isn’t in our favour. Ooh yes the lobster roll………We’ve just got a chilli for dinner today but would gladly swap for a lobster roll!

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