Marblehead Neck, MA

9446EE6F-9A9C-4E61-9385-DC2E0D3352B8Driving along the Marblehead ‘neck’ is driving through an upscale residential area of New England. Fine detached pastel coloured clapboard houses with wide verandahs and flags, yacht clubs and dog walkers. This was a great introduction to New England, our first stop off after leaving  Boston Logan Airport.

The only people we saw were the afore mentioned dog walkers and middle aged ladies with time on their hands taking some power walking exercise before the weekend round of drinks parties, dinners and Sunday brunch at the golf or yacht club. No I’m not being condescending I am being jealous! This is a piece of prime real estate and I’d be happy to spend my autumn years here getting to know those ladies.

The geographer within me has to explain the term ‘neck’ it’s a spit of land created by a buildup of sediment shaped by the ocean and wind over thousands of years, we call them spits in the UK but they can also be known as capes or necks. As vegetation takes hold and the sediment becomes stable so  the land is then settled on. This is one such place.

Capping this neck is Lighthouse Point within Chandler Hovey Park. The wind can whistle around this tip but take a scarf and stand and stare, the views are worth it. You can see straight over to Marblehead town and historic district. A lighthouse structure still stands and the tip is dotted with benches dedicated to locals who  loved the area and standing there I can clearly see why.


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