J F K Museum, Hyannis.

6BB117E0-5C5C-481D-B07A-BF07FBB920D3It is particularly poignant that as I sit catching up on my New England posts that one left still to do is my visit to the J F K Museum in Hyannis on this day of all days fifty five years since his assassination.  I don’t know if I actually remember it happening but I grew up knowing that it had happened despite living in a sleepy English town a long way from anywhere and certainly a long way from Cape Cod.

It’s a small museum focussing mainly on his and his family’s life on the Cape, a place they visited for holidays. They had a house at nearby Hyannis Port which can only be seen from the water. The curator told us that they had displayed many of the photographs that Jaques Lowe had taken and I found it incredibly moving.  Kennedy knew of the benefits of having a media presence and Jacques took many significant photographs leading up to JFK’s inauguration.

There were photos of Jackie and the children and the wider Kennedy family. This visit certainly whetted my appetite and before picking up a plane at Boston Airport I squeezed in a visit to the JFK Library at Colombia Point.

The museum is on Main Street and we certainly found on street parking and its just $12 to enter.


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