Lymington to Yarmouth Wightlink crossing

4D026AC1-D0D3-47D7-996F-CED03460AC67Driving through the New Forest has to make a great start to an autumn Isle of Wight adventure. With the trees at their peak colour the scenery was keeping The Grey Traveller happy as I made my way through the glorious foliage to the Wightlink Lymington car ferry terminal.DDE227D8-DE8A-43E3-A767-B9AC840036DD

Just like the Wightlink at Gunwharf terminal the checking in and embarking procedure was seamless. With my online ticket printed a staff member was able to guide me to a parking line immediately and with thirty minutes to spare there was plenty of time to explore before going aboard the Wight Sky.

This terminal was opened by Robin Knox – Johnston nearly twenty five years ago and now has its own ticket office, a Costa Coffee outlet and plenty of tourist information about the Isle of Wight.

 I was soon beckoned aboard and once parked up I found a perfect seat at the stern on the passenger deck. I enjoyed views of the  hundreds of yachts and sailing boats as I started our 40 minute journey to Yarmouth.

As I sipped an Island Roasted coffee the captain announced the safety instructions.  Next  he  told passengers to look out for a seal to the left as we left the harbour. But his most exciting news was the announcement that a newly engaged couple were on the ship.  We all clapped and congratulated them and wished them well as they started their own island adventure. Bon Voyage!

My trip was courtesy of Wightlink Ferries and my return trip on the Wight Sun was just as heavenly.

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