Have you ever been upgraded when travelling?


Have you ever been upgraded or bumped off a flight? In all my forty years of adult travel which has got more frequent in recent years I have only got bumped off once about twenty years ago and upgraded three times. Admittedly I tend to travel Business Class now so being upgraded to first class is much less likely.

I have been upgraded in hotel rooms frequently but I do strongly object to the upselling of an upgrade at a car hire desk. Surely I would have booked a turbo charged dream machine if (a) I could afford it or (b) I wanted to?

What are your experiences of upgrading or being bumped off?

5 thoughts on “Have you ever been upgraded when travelling?

  1. I was upgraded to Business on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Manchester which was nice but that’s all even though I travel regularly. I’ve been upgraded in hotels numerous times, usually because I’ve been a member of their loyalty scheme but not necessarily had the points to merit an upgrade. I’m always thankful for an upgrade but would never expect it.

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  2. Never been upgraded whilst flying, in fact never even travelled Business Class. But a few hotel and car hire upgrades usually when they’ve messed something up. always a nice surprise.

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