Halloween in New England

1C6C3CA2-DA66-4690-AD3C-44C458F9BA85.jpegI’ve always been aware that America does Halloween big time but visiting New England in the fall was an eye opener. House fronts and steps were decorated with pumpkins or Halloween images from huge blow up witches or spider webs encasing the gates and pathways. Driving through New England leaf peeping had the added entertainment of Halloween peeping.

We made the mistake of driving through and thinking we could park in Salem…. we had to give up but not before watching gaggles of adult witches cross the roads and spotting a parking lot at $40 a day! No thank you we decided and headed for Manchester by the Sea ……………..but then that’s another post.

So what did we know about Salem before visiting or trying to visit….we knew it was where there were lots of references to witches, where there was a statue dedicated to Samantha from Bewitched and that the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch was called Salem. We will have to wait til next time New England before we try to visit Salem again!

Many Americans say that Halloween is their favourite holiday, not sure I agree with that but I did love a large white house decorated with man size black spiders which we spotted driving towards Great Barrington and I especially loved the crazy blow up cat nodding its head on a roof in Provincetown. Too late to say Happy Halloween but I’m sure some New Englanders are already planning next year’s decorations!

4 thoughts on “Halloween in New England

  1. Nice pictures and you’re so right about Americans loving Halloween. I don’t really get it as its not that big a deal to anyone over the age of 11 in England is it? Interesting to see though.

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    1. It seems to have developed in the U.K. a bit in recent years. Local people here on south coast leave out decorations or pumpkins so children know it’s ok to knock the door for trick or treat rather than randomly knocking any door. I must admit I didn’t let my children trick or treat when they were little.

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