More travel rants

3491587A-2928-407A-A472-15C7CCB4027FI have often posted about my Travel rants!, Train rants and even More traveller’s rants!… but the list is getting longer, following the last few journeys and travel experiences I have a few to add to my list…..

  • Whilst travelling on a ferry one passenger chose to layout on a settee which would have served two more travellers. How selfish is that?
  • Overgrown bushes and trees which obliterate signposts.
  • Novice cyclists who hire a bike on holiday and do not consider walkers…..someone wheeled right into my arm on The Camel Trail, just left with a bruised elbow but it could have been so much worse.

Would love to hear your travel rants or if you have had experiences similar to mine. Please leave your comments below.


5 thoughts on “More travel rants

  1. People laying across seats anywhere is such a wind-up. Particularly hate it in airports when they have to lay around everywhere. Suitcases much too big for carry-on is a real rant for us, always winds us up.

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