Postcard from the Boathouse; Seaview, Isle of Wight

6E9E5C17-751E-4276-A8A9-752E8D1C2D06I have visited Seaview a couple of times recently and each time made sure that I found myself near The Boathouse when my stomach was grumbling after long coastal walks around the island.

I have been there on both sunny and wintery days and each time received a warm welcome. Nothing beats their fish and chips sitting outside watching The Solent or cosying up inside when the wind is battering this side of the Isle of Wight.

Love the turquoise exterior walls with the boat upturned on its side, the nod to dad’s Army and the chance to sample local gin. Equally love the piles of logs and the friendly staff inside. I wasn’t surprised when the landlord showed me a recent article in the press stating that they had been chosen as best dining pub on the Isle of Wight….I can see why ……congratulations.

It’s conveniently located on the front at Seaview right on the Isle of Wight coastal path making Ryde an easy walk to westwards and the charming classy villages of Seaview and Seagrove Bay  are east.

I can see why the Boathouse is an Inn of Distinction!

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