Ventnor, Isle of Wight photoblog

F99CA10C-9FF7-4F60-B505-108EBD33F484.jpeg Think vintage and contemporary and that sums up Ventnor; very much a Victorian seaside town for those of a discerning nature both historically and now. The High Street is crammed full of cafes and fairly upscale souvenir shops selling ‘gorgeous and nice things’. I particularly enjoyed discovering a foodie shop selling oils, marmalade and green bean chutney from Three Fruity Ladies. 

A steep descent leads the walker to the promenade with coastal paths east and west. A tiny clapperboard pier houses Ventnor Fishery in a tiny harbour. Looking back up to the town you can see Victorian villas holding on to the cliff side whilst west the Spyglass Inn bookends the Bay which gleams with orange and gold sands.

Here are a few of my favourite photos.


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